Arcimage formed in 1997. Based on the east outskirts of Manchester, Northwest England. We are specialists digital visual communication medias geared primarily for the A.E.C. sectors.


We have extensive experience in all aspects of producing digital based soloutions, and although we don't like to catorgorise our work, it can be fitted into boxes to suit.

  • architecture: digital sketches, cad construction/presentation modeling, cgi enviromental models, photo/video montage, historical reconstructions. Our staff have minimum 10+ years within the architectural world and are fluent in all generes of housing, education, medical, retail, industrial, transport, & commercial architecture.
  • interiors: digital sketches, cgi enviomental models, photo/video montage lighting/accoustic studies.
  • product design: digital sketches, cad/cam modeling.
  • evidential/forensic: physic based visualisations and animation.
  • intractive media design via web,cd, dvd, video, in addition traditional 2d print work.
  • pot pourri: subcontract 2d/2dmodeling & rendering services, software beta testing, software demonstration, subcontract digital video editing.

To see the range of services go to our gallery.

or request our portfolio cd.



Arcimage are proud to have worked with amongst others:

Alfred McAlpine, Astra Zeneca, Bovis Lend Lease, B.N.F.L. British Aerospace, Jarvis Construction, W.S. Atkins.



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